17 June, 2019

Nghĩa An Hoi Quan Pagoda

The Nghia An Hoi Quan Pagoda was built by the Chaozhou Chinese population of Ho Chi Minh City.
Hidden behind a sinister-looking gate, it is noteworthy for its gilded woodwork: a carved wooden boat hangs over the entrance and to the left is a large representation of Quan Cong's horse and groom. At the ornate altar, greet Quan Cong himself, to whom the temple is dedicated.
Marvel at the door gods painted on the temple's front door. The statue of Ong Bon, the keeper of happiness and virtue, resides in a glass altar to the right of the main sanctuary. Nghia An Hoi Quan Pagoda is one of the oldest temples in Saigon. Built in the 19th century by HCMC's Chinese congregation, the pagoda is dedicated to Quan Cong, a deified general who lived during the Han Dynasty.
Nghia An Hoi Quan Pagoda is located at 678 Nguyen Trai in Saigon's Cho Lon in district 5 (Chinatown).