17 June, 2019

Binh Tay Market

Binh Tay Market is a market in District 6, Ho Chi Minh City , located in an area called Cholon, so it is often called informally itself as Cholon . Binh Tay Market is located on a campus of 25,000 m2  , located between 4 Thap Muoi – Le Tan Ke – Phan Van Khoe – Tran Binh roads. This market has a rectangular surface, 12 gates (both main and secondary) and is designed in Asian architecture .
Binh Tay Market is a major wholesale hub of Ho Chi Minh City . Goods here are distributed throughout the country, even wholesale to Cambodia and many other markets. The oldest market in Ho Chi Minh City is a place that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists.  [first] 2015, Binh Tay Market is the Center for Conservation of Monuments of Culture, Sports Ho Chi Minh City , the Council approved the monument Ho Chi Minh City recognized architectural
monuments of art in City Minh
The project of comprehensive repair and upgrade of Binh Tay market is planned and implemented from the end of November 2016. Total investment in comprehensive renovation of the market is 104 billion dong, with more than 10 billion dong invested in making a market. provisional; All capital is contributed by small businesses. The aforementioned sum is accrued from a small-business stall's subscription fee within 10 years.
On November 15, 2018, Binh Tay Market was officially reopened with more than 1400 stalls full of items to serve people at the western gateway of the city and neighboring provinces after two years of temporary refurbishment. During 2 years of repairing, more than 1,000 small businesses in Binh Tay market were moved to trade in a temporary market made of corrugated iron on Thap Muoi street, in front of the main gate of the market.

This market repair and renovation work was restored to its original roof tile prototype built in 1928. All the architecture, lines, when repaired or restored, are preserved and promoted by the Center. Ho Chi Minh City's historical and cultural relics and the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Culture and Sports. All the rafters (bamboo or wooden rods placed along the slope of the roof to support the battens) and the roof tiles of the market were completely replaced with the old ones. The dragons on the roof of the market are sized and repaired to restore according to the prototype. The base of the market is made of white abrasive materials, which are also considered
by officials of the conservation center. The entire system of stairs and railings of Binh Tay Market has been renovated. In particular, the floor is more advanced, all floors on the ground floor and the floor are tiled new.
By design, the front of the Binh Tay Market is 89.2 m long, 108.6 m wide and 13.1 m high with a roof attached to a large clock that symbolizes the Binh Tay market. Cage houses area has a total of
1,446 stalls, including 698 stalls on the ground floor and 748 floor stalls. According to many small businesses, the locations of their kiosks were similarly arranged two years ago. This is to effectively trade and reconnect with past customers. The market space is spacious after being renovated, the signs are uniform in area and color.

Besides restoring the status quo markets, the authorities approved construction of a new design category is building basement area 172m 2